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Ages 4 and up.  Pre-school through 1st grade is taught in a 1-hour block, 1 day per week.  2nd grade

is taught in a 90 minute block, Ballet/Tap, and includes Jazz, 1 day per week.  3rd/4th Grades are in a 2-hour block, Ballet/Tap/Jazz, 1 day per week. 5th-12th grades have separate classes…Ballet for 1 hour, and Jazz/Tap for 90 minutes.  May be on separate days of the week.  


2nd grade and up, or by decision of instructor.



The student will be allowed to study Pointe when body development is advanced, and skill level in Ballet is high.  Students must be at least in 6th grade.  Decision is made by instructor.



Contemporary classes will be offered to all 4th-12th graders.  Company dancers are required to participate in contemporary class.  Classes will be 60 minutes.   


Hip Hop

Offered to all dancers, 4th grade through 12th. 2 skill levels will be offered. 


Competition Companies

Dance With Mitzi incorporates competition classes for those dancers who wish to compete.  These groups are by audition/invitation only, and work solely on choreography for the entire dance year. These classes meet once each week, in addition to their technique classes, for 60-90 minutes.  Age levels of each competition group varies, depending on the skill level of the student. These classes attend several competitions, perform extra dances in the recital, and attend selected seminars. Genres of dance include Lyrical, Modern, Jazz, and Tap.  Company classes are for those dancers who want to go the "extra mile" and participate in more educational and performance opportunities.  Students who participate in the competition companies are required to participate in summer dance classes.



Each dance student is expected to participate in the recital, held on Memorial Day Saturday each year.  Details will be given at various times throughout the year.

Class Offerings