Dance With Mitzi will be offering a broader range of classes for the 6-week 2011 summer session. If there are enough participants, there will be a Creative Movement class for 4-yr. olds.  This will give a better start to the fall classes.  Those children who exhibit a more mature nature and skill level will go into ballet and tap in the fall. Technique classes (Concentration in Ballet and Jazz, with some Tap) will be offered to all students, ages 5 (kindergarten) through 18.  The classes will separate into the following age groups:  Technique 1: Beginner Dance, Rising Kindergarten- 1st Grade. Technique 2: Rising 2nd through Rising 3rd Grade.  Technique 3:  Rising 4th Grade-6th Grade.  Technique 4:  Rising 7th Grade-8th Grade.  Technique 5:  All High School Grades 9-12.  These classes will help the student to maintain their level of dance skills, and will lead into a more prepared fall session for 2011-2012.  Summer Session is for all dancers, bothreturning and new students.


Class times will be as follows:


Creative Movement: 10:30-11:00

Technique 1: 11:30-1:00 Beginner Dance, Rising Kindergarten- 1st Grade

Technique 2:  1:00-2:30 Rising 2nd - 3rd Grade

Technique 3:  2:30-4:00 Rising 4th Grade-6th Grade

Technique 4:  4:00-5:30 Rising 7th Grade-8th Grade


Company 1 4:30-5:30

Company 2 5:30-6:30

Technique 5:  6:30-8:00 All High School Grades 9-12

Company 3  8:00-9:00


Classes will start the week of June 28,29, and will continue for 6 weeks, through the week of August 2,3. Registration fee will pay for all classes, with the realization that students may miss some weeks due to vacation.  Cost for the entire summer session is $50, ($35 for Creative Movement).  Summer Company classes will add an additional $25. For more information on Company Classes for 2011-2012, please see the Dance Company Section under Preregistration.



Dance With Mitzi will be offering several choices for adults to have fun in the dance studio for the summer of 2011.

***Beginner Shag classes for men and women (age 18 and up) will be held on Sunday evenings, in sessions consisting of 3 nights, 2 hours each night.  We need at least 5 couples to start a class.  Classes will begin when there are enough participants, the earliest being June 12.  Cost is $60 per couple, or $40 per single for the 3-week session.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL 336-367-5101 OR 336-367-5151 OR